Pay Per Click

Pay per click program is the most used by making money online if you are only a newbie because you can earn a few money from your website even if your website traffic is only a poor, because of that poor views, you can only make a poor click too but not in pay per sale, if you make a massive traffic using a program like this, you are not only counting of how many clicks you produce everyday, but counting of how many sales you made per day and that is the most happiest thing in life that the publisher must reach. In this page, I will show you a few pay per click program that is popular and trusted paying company. You can only use this pay per click program in to a website and not allowed by putting it into a software, games or even a pornographic content website because this will be make a bad cause to the company of a pay per click program owner. To begin, you must also create your website frirst because this one is not using a direct link or a manual link that can make a click by chatting, commenting and messaging. choose now one of the below the highest paying company.

ClicksorClicksor is one the the hundreds PPC program in the entire web but dont think that this kind of stuff is like google adsense or what. This one is having a unique strategy for publisher to earn more income from other, how? because you can see it when the webpage loaded in the designated position but if you move the webpage down or up, it will still following you and most of all, it can be closed, but this one of the most reason why many publisher earn more from here because almost 1 out of 20 visitors will accidentally clicked it because of trying to close the advertisement.

Google Adsense - Google adsense is the leading PPC program in the world but not only because of its popularity, but with its high paying revenue and many advertisement that will be fitted to the them and the topic of your website. Almost all of the website is there is a position that the google adsense ads is placed because million publisher is registered in this program.

Adbrite - Adbrite is also a unique pay per click program because the difference between other ppc is the other one is ready to insert the code and publish and no waiting for the advertiser because this one is having a few delay because the adertisement will only shown up if the advertiser found your website and ready to choose and order your ad space.

Chitika - Many people said that you can make money with more than other pay per click site using chitika ads because you can make a website that will have a hight CTR or click trough rate. But the bad thing with chitika is  there are no many ads will shown up except the website called "" and if you have other advertiser, you are lucky.


  1. Justin Adams12:45 pm

    i cant be approve by adsense why?

  2. kaycee duxx12:46 pm

    your website should be 6 months old if you are outside the U.S

  3. Martez Tarity12:48 pm

    im from australia so im going to try clicksor many people said that it is the second to adsense

  4. kaycee duxx12:48 pm

    yeah men your right because they are paying good enough than others

  5. googlechromer7:37 am

    i love clicksor because the ctr is really best

  6. gamingbobo8:37 am

    this is an information site :)

  7. The Pay Per Click Advertising program is the most widely used method by making money through internet if you are only a newbie. I also started the blog in last year and now I am making money with it and I will give all the credit to PPC method.