Sunday, 23 October 2011

Win Google Nexus S Tomorrow!

Hi! I am just a normal japanese and while im surfing the web, then I found a website of nexus s that they are giving that smartphone for free! You dont have to pay anything and its really true. Last week I told it to my friends to try what I did and my friend cried like a crazy because they got it free. Example, you are just a normal people that dont have enough money to buy a phone worth of 400$ above, of course I will cry too but the difference, I have an iphone 4s so its only normal in my feeling and I sold it by 270$. Look at my photo below by giving me a nexus s by the company.

Do you already know how it works and how the fuck are they giving the phone for free? Me! I know how, of course they will not give it easily like that. Last month that I found the website, it explain how it works and im became a member of samsung. Before you get the phone, the exchange is you will enter the site and confirm your IP address to prevent spam and multiple registration with different name and become: 

1. Fans of samsung in facebook. 
2. followers of samsung in twitter. 
3. fans of nexus s in facebok. 
4. follower of nexus s in twitter.  
5. reffer only 2 people to apply for free nexus s for free like what you will do 

Its 100% chance and you dont need to have luck to get it, if you apply, wait about 3 days and your phone will be notified by this message

"Hi Mr./Ms./Mrs. [Your Name]! We verified that the application that you submitted is completly true so we accept that we will give you the free nexus s for free by the 5 followings needed. We will send the phone to the address given and if you have a problem of the free shipping and phone, just reply to us and we will respond as fast as we can to make our samsung subscriber became million. Please wait up to 9 days for the shipping of the phone! Good luck!"

This is what the company will message to you! My nexus s that I got free was sent to our house in 3 days here in japan but Im not sure about other countries. By the way, this is available in any country so all of us are very happy!

This is the quick step

1) go in this link and complete the spam protection then find and click "try this one"

2) fill up the registration form about you and the nexus s shipping information

3) login to the email address that you entered and copy the password sent to you

4) go to this site and paste the password you copied and click login and confirm the followings

5) wait a few days and your phone number that you entered will be notified about when is your free nexus s will be there in your home

6) refer someone like me, if you referred 2 people, you will get 1 nexus s. (10 referred people = 5 free nexus s)

hehehe I reffered 8 people already and the total that I won is 4 nexus s and all of it is sold out and I earned 1080$ easily by sending the link to my facebook and twitter friends and this is became my primary business! Im rich!!!!! wooo!!!! you will become like me if I reffered you.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Social Media Traffic Mystery

Some and many people said that the future of new traffic sources is a social media like facebook and twitter but they not actually saying the guide of how it works. Thinking of many times is where to place the links of yours? Of couse me too. The only and one and only idea of traffic sources in facebook and twitter is by placing the link in your profile or pages. By having a many friends, like and conversation, you can make many people incoming to your owned pages with the placed link of yours is very effective ways to gain traffic but that is not simple. For me, you should make 200 direct messages, 500 twits or post and having 1000 of friends or like is the first you need before it worked

Monday, 3 October 2011

The Life Of Online Money Maker

I dont really think that making money online is possible last year when the time that im addicted to a video games. I always wait for the end of a classs to play my new games like call of duty black ops and when i finished it, im starting to research for a new games that im interested until the time that i found a website that the topic is how to make money online. When i first see that word, im really interested because google can make the publisher make money. I though that it was very easy but no. So you should do all you can to earn hundred of dollars a day to survive and enjoy this life to the fullest. Good luck :)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

How To Make A Good Phone Job Interview

Human resources managers weed out their potential employees using a phone interview before they want the individual to go in for a personal meeting with a manager. A phone interview will be a little less stressful more than the in-person interview you may pick to sit in your chair in a pair of shorts. You will still exude professionalism and confidence in your working ability. A phone interview will be get you to the other round, so becareful to your game when the phone get started rings.

1) Go to a quiet room like toilet and close the door. Turn off the other phones, televisions or radios. Turn off call waiting. Notify the others that you dont want to be get disturbed because you are busy.

2) Be punctual and get prepared before the manager call you. The last thing that you need is for the interviewer to reach voice male you made. Answer the call promptly, and you have to say your name when you started to answer the phone.

3) Make a copy of your resume and place it in the front of you. Dont forget that the interviewer will be have a copy of your resume, so speak spontaneously about what can you do and your experiences, and use the resume as your guide to refresh your memory.

4) Have paper and pencil ready to take notes that will help you in your face-to-face interview. Keep a "smile" in your voice to sound upbeat and positive. Keep a glass of water handy to help if your mouth gets dry, but remove gum or mints from your mouth. Don't smoke or eat.

5) Get prepared with the answers to some of the hard questions that have a big chance to be ask in the phone interview. Always listen to what interviewer said and don't interrupt them. Think for a moment or two if you will really need to provide a thoughtful answer to the question of an interviewer. Give them a concise answers and speak clearly.

6) Write all the questions you answered so  you will become prepared for next interview. Always say "Thank You" when you are finished to talk with the interviewer, and tell him that you hope to meet in personal to further discuss your qualifications.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Best Ideas For Money Savings At Work

Save money - Saving money in your business will require you to spend less money on advertising and marketing to get more costumers. It will also decrease the need for outside capital to fund an operations of a business. Take a look at all of your money cost and you will find out that there are many ways to reduce expenses. You can get quotes from more than one vendor for new equipment, supplies and services from being considered. For commodity items, such as office supplies, get competitive quotes on an annual basis. You can add more vendor to the list of your quotes each month. Make Sure company-owned car are being filled with the lowest octane gas as specified in the owner's manual. Decrease your insurance cost by buying insurance offered by associations. Increase insurance deductibles. Regularly review the rates you are paying.

Watch your cost - Examine the office overhead costs. Use recycled ink cartridges instead of new ones. Print on both sides of paper. Reduce the amount of copying. Instead of buying a preprinted forms, download free forms by searching it from google and use those. Change the date of your garbage pickup to every other day. Review your paid magazine subscription and determine if any of those can be canceled. Review your current organization if all of the work performed is necessary and if some jobs can be combined or eliminated.