Sunday, 2 October 2011

How To Make A Good Phone Job Interview

Human resources managers weed out their potential employees using a phone interview before they want the individual to go in for a personal meeting with a manager. A phone interview will be a little less stressful more than the in-person interview you may pick to sit in your chair in a pair of shorts. You will still exude professionalism and confidence in your working ability. A phone interview will be get you to the other round, so becareful to your game when the phone get started rings.

1) Go to a quiet room like toilet and close the door. Turn off the other phones, televisions or radios. Turn off call waiting. Notify the others that you dont want to be get disturbed because you are busy.

2) Be punctual and get prepared before the manager call you. The last thing that you need is for the interviewer to reach voice male you made. Answer the call promptly, and you have to say your name when you started to answer the phone.

3) Make a copy of your resume and place it in the front of you. Dont forget that the interviewer will be have a copy of your resume, so speak spontaneously about what can you do and your experiences, and use the resume as your guide to refresh your memory.

4) Have paper and pencil ready to take notes that will help you in your face-to-face interview. Keep a "smile" in your voice to sound upbeat and positive. Keep a glass of water handy to help if your mouth gets dry, but remove gum or mints from your mouth. Don't smoke or eat.

5) Get prepared with the answers to some of the hard questions that have a big chance to be ask in the phone interview. Always listen to what interviewer said and don't interrupt them. Think for a moment or two if you will really need to provide a thoughtful answer to the question of an interviewer. Give them a concise answers and speak clearly.

6) Write all the questions you answered so  you will become prepared for next interview. Always say "Thank You" when you are finished to talk with the interviewer, and tell him that you hope to meet in personal to further discuss your qualifications.


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